, aims to render services in the highest level and provide the most developed products for customers, is aware of the fact that quality, environment and health & safety issues are fundamentals of business principles and integral parts of each project.
  • Together with the active participation and support of all DESA Family and business partners, the `fundamental principles`thereunder have been adopted for all decisions that affect our activities on quality, environment, health and safety;
  • To perform and execute all activites pursuant to the laws and business ethics with embracing social and environmental responsibilities;
  • To inform all DESA employees about importance of the legal obligations and customer requirements;
  • To be receptive about continous developments and fulfill customer expectations ideally;
  • To run a flexible management strategy, timely project execution and competitive pricing strategy;
  • To execute most convenient scientific solutions, within our knowledge and experience in fields, with respect to laws and legislations;
  • To execute all actvities without compromising the occupational health and safety requirements;
  • To develop a culture for DESA employees where principles are shared.

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