with the active participation and supports of all the DESA Family and business partners, the “fundamental principles” hereunder have been adopted for all the decisions which affect our activities on quality, environment, health and safety issues:

  • To perform and execute all activities pursuant to the laws in force and business ethics under the requirements of social and environmental responsibilities;
  • To inform all DESA employees the importance of fulfillment of legal conditions and customer requirements;
  • To be receptive for continuous development and to fulfill the requirements of customer expectations ideally;
  • To ensure a flexible management which meets the requirements by the customer focused project execution program and competitive price strategy;
  • To execute the most convenient scientific solutions within our knowledge and experience in fields out of the scope of the law and the legislation;
  • To execute all activities without compromising the occupational health and safety requirements;
  • To determine the risks regarding occupational safety and environment, to avoid them or to take the required measures in order to minimize their effects;
  • To perform the required efforts in order to ensure for our business partners to perform works in high quality as well as safely and securely in terms of environmental issues;
  • Regarding environmental, health and safety issues, to set targets which will provide the sustainable development and to monitor the performance orientated to reach these targets;
  • To provide the training and resources which will render the required knowledge and experience for the employees of DESA for execution of these principles as well as qualified performance of their works;
  • To develop a culture for DESA employees where the aforesaid principles are shared.

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